On 27 June 2015 I’ll be turning 50, so, since my 49th birthday I’ve making a list of songs to bring with me into the future. These are songs that I have collected in my first 50 years of life, songs that in the future will make me feel alive, and give me a purpose to still dream and let my imagination fly.

Since 27 June 2014  I’ve been listening to the more than 7500 songs in my iTunes library. Every day I pick a song, whichever I like the most, or the song touches me the most on that day. If there are other songs that I like on a particular day, I place them on a “Runners Up” list. I will listen to songs on that list again after I finish listening to the songs on my library. As of 4 January, I still have approximately 200 songs left to hear.

Each song will be accompanied by a brief description of the selected piece, such as the year the song was originally published and the genre it initially cataloged. I will also include an explanation on why I’ve picked that song. Whenever available, I will incorporate a file of the song, and any other link to illustrate any point I may be trying to make.

Here’s a preview on how the list will be presented. This song is from Week 03.


15 FRIDAY 11 JULY 2014

Cuban Pete – Desi Arnaz

015 The Best Of Desi Arnaz The Mambo King

I know you must be wondering why this one moved to the list so soon after only being on the runners up list for a few days. Well, it’s not the same version. Desi Arnaz recorded this one in 1946. The one on the runners up list is the version Desi recorded with Lucille Ball for their 1950s mega hit I Love Lucy.

Introduced by Desi himself in 1946 in the movie of the same name, Cuban Pete, along with Babalu, is closely associated with Desi Arnaz’s act.

Before moving to the United States, I only knew Desi as the one who loved Lucy. But I made a point of study him during my master’s program and was impressed by all of his accomplishments in Television. As some of you may be aware, Desi was a pioneer not only in television production, but also in the way networks do business, and distribute their shows. How many Trekkies out there? Without Desilu Productions, the company he founded with Lucille Ball, nobody would have gone where no man has gone before. Desilu produced the first year of Star Trek before Paramount Television absorbed the studio. Just saying.

Song Title: Cuban Pete – 1946   Genre: Soundtrack   Artist: Desi Arnaz   Composer: Joseph Norman (Jose Norman)   Lyricist: Joseph Norman (Jose Norman)   Album: The Best Of Desi Arnaz The Mambo King

Favourite Lyrics: Si, senorita, I know that you will like the chicky boom chick / ‘Cause it’s the dance of Latin romance / And Cuban Pete doesn’t teach you in a hurry like Arthur Murry / You’re now in Havana and there’s always mañana.

Runners Up: Long Ago and Far Away • I’ve Never Been in Love Before • Vida Mia • Where or When • All the Things You Are


Additionally, I’ll be making a list of contenders for my Top 10 list of songs of all time.


Let’s start packing on 6 January 2015