These are the songs I picked between 12 July and 19 JULY, 2014. I’ll talk about them on my next instalment.

Cuban Pete – Desi Arnaz

That Old Black Magic – Frank Sinatra – … I had a very hard time listening to Frank Sinatra today, so hard that for a moment, I wondered if Sinatra might have been a tad over-rated.

You Do Something To Me – Frank Sinatra – … Anyway, it was while hearing You Do Something To Me that I came up with my first story. You see, for years I’ve used music as an inspiration to write short stories, scripts, and novels. 

I Could Write A Book – Frank Sinatra

Bye Bye Blackbird * – Rod Stewart

(The) Japanese SandmanVince Giordano And The Nighthawks

Cut, Print… Moving On – Katharine McPhee – … The excitement of the unknown convinces us that the next best thing is just around the corner for sure. Just let go of the past and move on.

* Top 10 Contender