Week 11

These are the songs I picked between 5 September and 11 September 2014. I’ll talk about them next time.

Easy to Love* – Lee Wiley with Paul Weston & His Orchestra …  It is not as she was older or wiser, she was only 18, and yet she knew this was a long-term investment relationship. Love was a profit, not a requirement.

If I Were A Bell – Ernestine Jackson

Dance Sequence – A Woman in Love – Renee Renoir, Ruben De Fuentes … I believe we tend to romanticise the times in which we grew up, but we glamorise the era in which our parents lived.

You Gotta Have A Gimmick – Faith Dane, Betty Bruce & Roxanne Arlen

Everything’s Coming Up Roses – Ethel Merman … I believe when Ethel Merman created the role of Mama Rose, she injected a lot of her own personality. I don’t think La Merman was as ruthless and aggressive as the real Rose, but I think she gave the character that charming no-nonsense quality that became Mama Rose’s main trait.

The Donkey Serenade – Mario Lanza

Put On Your Sunday Clothes – Charles Nelson Reilly, Jerry Dodge, Carol Channing, Igors Gavon, Alice Playten, Ensemble

* Top 10 Contender