Week 15

These are the songs I picked between 3 October and 9 October 2014. I’ll talk about them next time.

Girl of the Moment * – Maria Friedman, Adrian Dunbar …  I listened to this song for weeks, trying to figure out who this girl of the moment was, and why she was so captivating.

Folies Bergeres ** – Catherine Russell, Ginette Garcin

Let Me Be Your Star Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty

Let’s Be Bad Megan Hilty … I have been a video editor for over 20 years; if you asked me what editing is to me, I’d tell you that editing is nothing more than problem-solving.

My Friend – Pamela Isaacs, Lillias White

Little Me Faith Prince

Closer And Closer And Closer Gene Wilder, Steven Warner … I had a professor who would describe the Fox as controlling, needy and high maintenance. Although, I didn’t agree with him at the time, I can appreciate now what he meant by it.

* Top 10 Contender

** Top 10 Fast Tracked