The 365th Song and Top 15

365 FRIDAY 26 JUNE 2015 (-1)

Some Other TimeBrian Stokes Mitchell

Simply Broadway

And then there was just one left. Here we are, the 365th song, the last song on the list.

You were not mistaken if you read last week’s entry and thought that was the end of the series. I’m just using this last song to bid adieu and thank the dozens of people who followed me for the previous few months.

There were many songs and stories left to tell. I’m sure someday I’ll get to tell them all.

I’ll keep reblogging a few stories during the next few months. And then, this site will just become the one relic I have left behind in cyberspace for others to find.

Song Title: Some Other Time – 1944   Genre: Musical   Artists: Brian Stokes Mitchell   Composer: Leonard Bernstein   Lyricists: Betty Comden, Adolph Green   Album: Simply Broadway

Favourite Lyrics: Where has the time all gone to? / Haven’t done half the things we want to / Oh, well, we’ll catch up / Some other time

The Top 10 – Actually, the Top 15

I just couldn’t pick ten favourite songs, it was too hard. I’ve made room for an extra five.

15 Don’t Forget Me

14 Whenever You’re Away From Me

13 Life Savers Girl

12 I’m A Brass Band

11 Danny Boy

10 Vida Mia

09 What Kind Of Fool Am I?

08 Folies Bergeres

07 One (reprise)/Finale

06 Never Met a Man I Didn’t Like

05 The Trolley Song

04 Diablo Suelto

03 The Varsity Drag

02 Last Dance

01 Shall We Dance