Week 09

These are the songs I picked between 22 August and 28 August 2014. I’ll talk about them next time.

The Grotto (Get Out of Town/My Heart Belongs to Daddy/Just One of Those Things)  Orchestra

Now You Know *  – Craig Rubano with Marsh Hanson … It was as if the last vestige of having been 25, full of irrelevant opinions and a distorted perception of my contribution to humanity, was finally subsiding. 

Blue Skies  – Ella Fitzgerald

Not Every Day of the Week (reprise)  – Peter Frechette, Veanne Cox

Prologue – Follies  – Orchestra – Featuring Bernadette Peters … The only song I knew from the show was “I’m Still Here”, which has been sung by every woman over 60 who has ever had a cabaret act.

Stuff Like That There  – Bette Midler … God bless Bette Midler! The woman can take a song and make it sound as if it was written just for her.

Silky Thoughts/Cool Hand Luke  – Orchestra

* Top 10 Contender