WEEK 30 / 16 – 22 JANUARY 2015

204 FRIDAY 16 JANUARY 2015

Tara’s Theme from Gone With the Wind – John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra

Encore!_ Best of the Boston Pops

The Roxy was probably the largest movie house in Maracaibo when I was growing up; it even had a balcony, although it was never used. I remember seeing many movies at The Roxy, like “Dumbo”, “E.T.”, and “Back To The Future”. However, the most vivid memory I have of The Roxy is the Sunday afternoon my father dropped off my sister, brother and me, to watch “Gone With The Wind”.

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Week 30

Tara’s Theme from Gone With the Wind – John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra … I’ve talked about the moments in my life when I decided or was inspired to go into filmmaking. However, it was my mother who taught me to love films.

For Her, for Him – Global Stage Orchestra

Up On The Roof – Sutton Foster

La Bikina – Celia Cruz … listening to it [La Bikina] this time around, I can see traces of sexism in its lyrics. The song tells the story of a lonely woman, La Bikina, who walks around town without interacting with anyone, and according to the song’s author, that is a problem.

Cornet Man – Barbra Streisand

Comedy Tonight – Nathan Lane and Company

At The Grand Hotel; Table With A View – Michael Jeter, Brent Barrett … This is one of the roles I’d love to play if in my elder years I give acting another chance. The other role would be Herr Schultz in “Cabaret”.

WEEK 29 – 9 – 15 JANUARY 2015


The Glory Of Love – Bette Midler


This is the second time The Glory Of Love appears on the list. The first time was during week two, on that occasion, it was Jimmy Durante’s version that made it to the list. (See Week 2, Number 11)

Durante’s version came in as a sort of sound and reliable advice from a wise man, telling novice lovers what to expect from love. However, Bette Middler’s The Glory Of Love presents consolation, its words offer solace after love has done a number on you. There’s sadness, melancholy, and regret, but there’s also acceptance of your fate.

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Week 29

These are the songs I picked between 9 January and 15 January 2015. I’ll talk about them next time.

The Glory Of Love – Bette Midler

Tea For Two* – Roger Raithburn, Susan Watson  

Fruit Shop Dance – Orchestra

Got To Be Real – Cheryl Lynn

Tales From The Vienna Woods – Orchestra

Show People – David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk

Whatever Lola Wants – Gwen Verdon

* Top 10 Contender