WEEK 32 / 30 JANUARY – 5 FEBRUARY 2015

218 FRIDAY 30 JANUARY 2015

There’s No Place Like Home – Orchestra

Lost - Season 4 (Original Television Soundtrack)

Nothing says “Lost” as this flawless evocative composition by Michael Giacchino. It was first used as the ‘Oceanic Six’, the only survivors who are able to make it out of the island, return to civilisation. From then on, the theme became an intrinsic part of the rest of the show’s run. It was repeatedly used with different variations.

Just as last week’s “King’s Fate – Prince’s Future – Kralahome’s Demise – Anna’s Surprise” was in the background while I wrote a passage of my novel, “The Return Of The Army Of Light”; There’s No Place Like Home also played a role while I wrote another extract of the story.

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