WEEK 41 / 3 APRIL – 9 APRIL 2015

281 FRIDAY 3 APRIL 2015

The Saga of Jenny Maria Friedman

Lady in the Dark 1

How often do we need to make up our minds until we finally get it right? Actually, will we ever get it right? We’re a product – or a victim, depending on how you see it – of the decisions we have made in our life. No master plan or supreme being is deciding how our lives will unfold, and if there’s one, you often feel he must be using contractors to run your life; or he’s just a cunt.

No, we and only we are responsible for how our lives take shape.

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WEEK 22 – 21 TO 27 NOVEMBER 2014


Shall We Dance?Gotan Project – Top 10 Contender

Shall We Dance_ (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Just like cricket, ballroom dancing is one of those pastimes that I have never fully understood. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they do seem like fun activities, at least ballroom does. But I don’t see the point of both being taken so seriously, lest being professional disciplines with championships and world cups. However, I’m a sucker for movies where ordinary people get their moment to shine under the spotlight of such pastimes. That is why I’ve liked movies such as 1991’s “Stepping Out”, and 2004’s “Shall We Dance?”. In the former, La Minnelli teaches a group of misfits to tap so they get to excel in a dance recital. In the latter, La Lopez coaches another group of everyday people for a ballroom competition.

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