WEEK 39 / 20 MARCH – 26 MARCH 2015

267 FRIDAY 20 MARCH 2015

Let’s Call The Whole Thing OffLouis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald

Ella & Louis

Back during the first weeks of the list I included “Just In Time” (See Week 4, #24). At the time, I told you about an independent study I had done during the summer of 1991. The idea was to write a series of scripts for a TV show to ease the integration of Central America refugee children into the American culture.

My scriptwriting professor at American University, John Douglass, helped me with the script treatment for the series; its basic premise and the places the plot could go. The series name was “Living In Monte Placer” or “Living in Mount Pleasant”, a mostly Latino neighbourhood in the District of Columbia. Each episode was to deal with many things, such as immigration issues, language barriers, and employment matters affecting the members of an El Salvadoran family, five adults and three kids. Among the supporting characters, there were three elderly tenants, an Italian immigrant, her husband, and an African American woman.

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Processional & Maria (The Wedding) Audra McDonald, Jessica Molaskey, Elena Shaddow & Christiane Noll

The Sound of Music (Music from the NBC Television Event)

Here’s another song from “The Sound Of Music Live”. I know many people hated it because; well, basically, because these days, people find it easier to hate than to praise. I enjoyed it because not only it was a live event and faithful to its original 1959 theatrical format, but also because of the influence it may have had on children watching it. While I watched the musical, I thought of the number of youngsters whose lives changed that night. I thought of the number of kids and teens who fell under the spell of musical theatre. I can only imagine the number of boys and girls who were moved to sign up for the next school musical, singing or dancing lessons. I can’t help but wonder how many people, a few years from now, will cite viewing this TV show as the source of inspiration for them to pursue a career in theatre.

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WEEK 22 – 21 TO 27 NOVEMBER 2014


Shall We Dance?Gotan Project – Top 10 Contender

Shall We Dance_ (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Just like cricket, ballroom dancing is one of those pastimes that I have never fully understood. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they do seem like fun activities, at least ballroom does. But I don’t see the point of both being taken so seriously, lest being professional disciplines with championships and world cups. However, I’m a sucker for movies where ordinary people get their moment to shine under the spotlight of such pastimes. That is why I’ve liked movies such as 1991’s “Stepping Out”, and 2004’s “Shall We Dance?”. In the former, La Minnelli teaches a group of misfits to tap so they get to excel in a dance recital. In the latter, La Lopez coaches another group of everyday people for a ballroom competition.

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